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Still Cold
January 5, 2009, 8:06 am
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Well three days on from my last post and the temperature has yet to get much higher. This morning i woke to find an inch of snow over the ground, it looks so nice and peaceful and yet it is such a pain when you have to work around it.

I have been clearing out our old house for the last couple of days and things aren’t going as well as i had hoped. We have the bulk of the stuff back here now, but i still have a good part ofthe loft to clear and the kitchen and we have a lot of stuff to take to the tip as we just don’t need it / have space for it here.

As for the home front, we are still muddling along, i have a trailer now which will make getting stuff from auctions or collecting logs easier. It needs a bit of work, mainly it needs a new lighting board on the back because although the lights all work, there are no covers on them and it cost nearly as much for the covers as it does for the lighting board!

Is this why we have a disposable society? because we are encouraged to repair things anymore, just to ditch them and buy new? Think of the wasted resources we encourage that way. Think of the peoples skills that we have lost as we no longer repair things just get new.

I noticed on the local freecycle website the amount of TV’s for “free to collector” They all apparently work well enough, but  are missing remote controls or similar  and therefore the previous owner has gone out and bought another. Well assuming a TV costs around £150 for a basic one, for around £10 they could have purchased one of these “one for all”remotes that works their TV by programming in the correct code. That would have saved them at least £140? Ah well, their loss i suppose.

Still Freezing
January 1, 2009, 11:35 am
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Yesterday did not get above -4 Celsius, and last night it went down to -6. this morning it was clear, as opposed to yesterdays all day fog, but very very cold.

There is not much happening outside in this weather, the hens are moody and don’t really want to be outside, they do have a choice, they can come and go as they please but currently they are all huddled together by the house looking thoroughly narked off.

the bird table is alive with sparrows trying to fatten up. I have placed out some minced up cooked turkey for them to pick at as i have heard that they like a bit of that. I will have a go at making some seed balls with the spare dripping later too as they could do with all the high energy stuf they can get at the moment. 

Apart from that, its all hands to the pumps to get wood gathered in for the fires really. went to a house in Norbury yesterday near to us that apparently does a very large trailer of logs for a few quid. Knocked on his door and saw him through the window. he ignored me. I stood for 5 minutes knocking at his door, he could see me, i could see him but he wouldn’t answer the door – so that’s his loss. I can find logs to buy from anyone but can he find buyers? not this one. If you haven’t got the common decency to answer the door to me then you don’t get my money. Politeness doesn’t cost anything, but lack of it has cost him a regular customer.