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This Months Homefarmer Magazine – Spot On!
December 4, 2009, 9:42 pm
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This months homefarmer is excellent. plenty to read. articles on going 12v on your home electricity, and an article i think needs more exploration – 52 meals to save the world – based on great tasting food grown locally to reduce your carbon footprint.

The government want us to drive 5 miles less a week to save carbon, whats the point if we are buying cauliflowers from Peru? Thats where your carbon is people, not five miles less down the country lane, but all the imported foods. Buy your food from local stores that stock locally grown foods, or even better grow your own!

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Hi there, just love reading your blog. I hope to raise turkeys for the table for the first time this year, so i read with interest that you have been able to get rare bred types. I have searched everywhere on the net and cannot locate anyone supplying rare breed poults in the burton area, can you help at all??? thanks in advance.
ps, agree wholeheartedly about the buying your veg locally and not buying anything thats not in season or has been imported. I can recommend the farm shop at Hilton!!

Comment by lesley

we have emailed a reply back to you direct. We will be able to send out (or you can collect) some turkey poults around April time, or try contacting the Turkey Club of GB as they may have breeders of various strains nearer to you than us

Comment by meekle

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