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New Bird
January 31, 2010, 10:21 pm
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well, just when you think the sun has finally beaten the snow, it starts snowing again. not that i really mind.  sure it makes life fun trying to defrost the feeders and drinkers for the birds, but the air seems so clean and pure after a good hard frost.

so, just when i was considering sitting in front of the log fire, we got a call to rehome a light sussex cockerel. so, back off outside in the blizzard like snow, to complete a new covered run (8′ x 2′) before we could go and get the cockerel.

we collected him this afternoon an he went into the run well. soon took it over as his own territory, and welcomed the influx of a light sussex chick and some cream legbars, cobars, and olives. all hens so that there was no competition from other boys!

here is “Sunny” the cockerel with an Olive looking at him! he is around 12 weeks old, and the other birds with him are around 16 weeks old.

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