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Update on the Holding!
April 10, 2010, 8:12 pm
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Well we are now into April, we have a new polytunnel and it already is teaming with lettuces, radish, carrots, onions etc. we have started off the garlic and the red/white onions off in there so they will soon be able to go out into the big wide world.

we have some apple trees and some fruit to go in and lots to be digging over and making ready for the vegetables.

on the livestock front, we are startig to build back up to our stocking levels after reducing them for the winter. Our daughter is heavily going over to Beglian Bantams, with a couple of shows planned for her “team” and we are concentrating more on the utility birds as well as the Pekin Bantams. Our turkeys are doing well, just starting to come into lay so we need to start splitting them out so we know who is laying what and who they are mating with so we can guarantee the offspring!

On the new livestock front, we have taken in some beautiful ducks from a family in Cannock who couldnt keep them any longer.

Adult Ducks

There are two pairs of ducks and they are very “active” at this time of year on the breeding front and now we have some cracking little ducklings, born just before Easter.

The new ducklings

On the mammal front, we have three ferrets now used to help work on the rats that migrate from the farm to us. The two girls are Phoebe and Fern and are just fantastic. The boy is a resuce again, half starved and pretty violent. he now is up to full weight and really quiet gentle if not slightly over zealous!

Phoebe our "jill" or female ferret

She would also love to get her teeth into anotehr recent introduction to our holding – babby rabbits!

we recently rehomed a pair of male rabbits. we knew trouble was afoot when one was giving the other “a piggy back” as my daughter described it! so now we have some baby bunnies!!

Baby Bunnie

another baby bunnie

just born

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