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April 23, 2010, 7:14 am
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well, the good lady went to the auction on wednesday to see what she could see. she came away from the auction, only having spent about £20 with 18 Nagaranasett Turkey Eggs, 18 Lavender Leghorn Eggs, 6 Partridge Cochin eggs, 6 Blue Cochin eggs and some Dorking Eggs.

The cochins and dorkings will be unrelated to ours and therefore add genetic diversity to the breeding groups, we dont have any Leghorn here and i fancied a white egg layer to compliment our blue and dark brown egg layers. So hopefully we will be able to produce eggs that range in colour from white, cream, light tan, chocolate brown, olive, green and blue!

But the real winner, and the cause of the title of this post, are the Nagaranasett Turkey eggs. It is believed that the Nagaranasett Turkey is the ancestor of the Bronze. Conventional history of Turkeys seems to point to a mating of a Nagaranasett to a wild turkey that created the first bronze. The nagaranasett looks like the bronze, except that the bronzing in the feather of the bronze turkey is replaced by a silvering in the Nagaranasett

We will set them in the incubator, wait teh 28 days and see what hatches! we are going to fill up the incubator with spare Slate, Buff and Crollwitzer eggs that we have too. Anyone want a turkey at Christmas???

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